My Superhero & The Aquabats show flyer

I’m trying to think of the last time we played with the Aquabats… 1998 maybe? We did a national tour with them in 1998 and I can honestly say we had more fun than any other time on the road. So many hilarious stories and seriously the reason I met my wife. We first met the Aquabats back in 1994 at a tiny place in Fullerton called Cafe Nove. From there on out- we played dozens of shows with The Aqua Bats and Reel Big Fish. It was a common sight to see all 3 bands on the same night back in those days. I’m sure you have all followed the success of Yo Gabba Gabba and if you have been living under a rock- the release of their very own “AQUABATS SUPER SHOW” coming this fall on the HUB network. We are so excited to be part of this show on Nov. 5th and can’t thank the Bats enough for asking us to play with them after 11 years.
Don’t miss this show!

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1 Response to My Superhero & The Aquabats show flyer

  1. Matthew Burgess says:

    Great to hear you got back together and are still playing. You prob don’t remember but I put your song Not so clear and some other stuff from SKAteboard out on a DIY comp here in the UK, around ten years ago! Time flies!!

    Hope your all well. All the best.

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