My Superhero photo and news before the big reunion show

2011 My Superhero presenting Timmy Bivens

If things weren’t already hectic enough- members of My Superhero were asked to perform a super-secret couple of songs for their long time friend/manager/merch guy/booking agent/record label intern Sam Uisprapassorn. We go way back with Sam and were honored to be part of the festivities. Same dedicated many years to MSh and we always considered him to be a member of the band. It was a good test run to what a live show might be like. Mike didn’t have his accordion so he looked a little out of sorts but the rest of us did well. It was also a great pressure test for Tim Bivens on the drums! Congrats to Sam & Cara!

I am also proud to announce that My Superhero is now officially recorded on internet history. Yes, you can now find your local superhero’s on wikipedia! Took a little bit of research but we are there.

The show is now 4 days away. We have the final rehearsals scheduled for tonight, Thursday, and Friday. It’s been a blast to reconnect with the guys, and re-learn all of these songs. We will be playing a one hour long set with songs from SKAteboard Music, Solid State 14, and Station One. The other bands are worth seeing so please get there early- doors open at 6pm! Get tickets here

Check out the other bands:


Warsaw Poland Bros.

Skank Agents




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